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The Journey to Coffee


The one thing that gets me through the week.

I wake up every morning and am a zombie until I go down stairs and get my coffee. I am still a zombie afterwards but I am less of one.

I used to hate coffee so much. The smell, the taste. Someone once spilled it on my binder and I had to spray it with perfume to mask the scent. I also couldn’t walk into Starbucks with out getting grossed out. I had tried coffee black and with sugar and couldn’t picture myself swallowing this everyday. Continue reading The Journey to Coffee


Jigsaw Pieces of My Life

I sat here for the last hour attempting to write a decent blog post, and I have nothing. My half attempts at writing have been utter fails and my inspiration meter is running low. I want to talk about a lot of little things, but it doesn’t fall under one topics.  Dogs. School. Failure. My head is jumbled with a bunch of small topics that don’t amount to anything. So this week, I have a bit of a mosh pit.  Continue reading Jigsaw Pieces of My Life