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Time is Ticking

Time is something that can’t be reversed but can’t be forwarded. You can’t go back and you can’t jump in time. You can’t save up time that’s left unused, you can only savor every minute you have.

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The Big Bad Future

Photo by: Steven S. (cc)
Photo by: Steven S. (cc)

The dreaded junior year has come. It is more than half way over and soon I will have to start applying for colleges. I am growing up but I don’t want to. I am driving, will have to get a job soon, and am getting closer and closer to being on my own.

As a little kid playing with bartz with my firends I couldn’t wait to grow up. Being seven in Vegas I was planning to what it would be like in 14 years when I come back and could actually enjoy Vegas is now less than five years away. Being 12 and planning on what I was going to do and where I would go is now becoming reality. Continue reading The Big Bad Future