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Who are you, really?

From the Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield can never say that’s he’s scared of the future. Because he’s a teenage boy and expressions and emotions aren’t cool. He talks through analogy, like the duck, fish, and pond analogy. He can’t express himself in words. Instead, he expresses himself through something I like to call “Caulfield” language.

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What Do You Mean?

Do people mean what they say and say what they mean?

This was the question my class chose when given the prompt expressing oneself.

My answer is no.

People don’t say what they mean. They are sadly not transparent. Continue reading What Do You Mean?

Deleted Scenes

Every show has them, the scenes that don’t make the cut. They are 4487159833_d221968df1_osometimes too long, irrelevant or don’t turn out as well. Some are actually good but there isn’t enough room, the show wouldn’t necessarily be worse or better with or without them. But they could add a lot, going in-depth on certain parts or a

dding dynamic. Try looking sometime at your favorite show or movie and see how many deleted scenes there actually are. This may surprise you.

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That One Recipe

Photo by: Jessamyn

We all have those recipes that we always lean back on. They are simple yet still intriguing. It may be your favorite food, someone else’s, your favorite thing to make, or the only thing you know how to make. Whichever one it is, we all have that recipe that is worn and bent. It has been pulled out of the cube board too many to count and has stains from all the food that has been spilled on it. You know it by heart, it is an instinct that you don’t even realize you have. Continue reading That One Recipe