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Something else that gives me happiness

I’m sure that many of you already know, but I have a fevered obsession with Taylor Swift.

But I’m not going to write another 2,000 words on Taylor.

Taylor Swift, BRIT Awards Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Today, I’m going to write about music. Continue reading Something else that gives me happiness


Top of Twenty Fourteen

In class this week we did our “top ten of twenty fourteen” and I didn’t quite know what this entailed. Did the stuff have to come out in 2014? I hoped not, since my top ten of tens was over in 2012 but just begun for me in 2014. I decided to maybe bend the rules and pick the TV show One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill (2003 to 2012) One Tree Hill

This show, a supposed teen drama, has a lot of literary elements in it, making it so much more. Continue reading Top of Twenty Fourteen

That Light In the Darkness

Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit
Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit

In the essay, The Importance of Music in My Life it touches on how music is important to her, letting her write about her day, give her energy, and keep memories alive. For me, it does most of the same things. Music is that little light in the darkness around the world. It allows me to express my emotions through rhyme and rhythm. Continue reading That Light In the Darkness