Time is Ticking

Time is something that can’t be reversed but can’t be forwarded. You can’t go back and you can’t jump in time. You can’t save up time that’s left unused, you can only savor every minute you have.

I’m horrible with time management, so I always think back to what I could’ve done to change the situation. What if I had spent my time writing my essay instead of watching YouTube? What if I studied for my test instead of sleeping the day away? A lot of what if’s. But, it’s not like what if can change the past. It can only make me linger in the past, and miss what’s going on in the present.

I have a really bad habit of thinking “what if?” I dwell too much in the past and worry too much about my future. My brain can’t manage time very well because it likes to jump all over the place and not stick to the present, the only thing I can actually change.

But what if? I have many regrets. What if I had tried harder? What if I had been better? What if only makes me worry more. It feeds my need to be perfect to make up for my mistakes. I don’t handle mistakes well. I’ve always been told, that perfect is the best, and to settle for nothing less. But sometimes, it might just be better to settle for less instead of worrying yourself sick.


Time is precious. It also goes by so fast, yet so slow. Those nights that I stay up doing homework and studying. Every minute slowly leaks by as I yawn and feel my eyelids droop. Those times where I’m with friends having fun. 4 hours feels like 4 minutes. Each minute is the same length, but some minutes are worth more than others. Some minutes hold moments that are unforgettable. But others as rather forgettable. Time is the same, yet oh so different. The weight each holds is astounding. Time is something you can never get back. There is no refund or do over available.

So use your past as a lesson. Use your future as an opportunity. And use your present to make a difference.



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