Let’s Talk About Desserts


I live for desserts.

I’ll take almost anything. Cookies. Cake. Pie. Brownies. Cupcakes. Ice cream.

It is the best part of the meal. That is why its last.

“Save the best for last”

Then why does everyone have a tendency to want to go first? To go on an amusement line we always want to be at the front of the line. Not the back. When coming across the finish line, we always want to be first.

So if we think like this then why do we save dessert for last? Is it because our parents want us to get all the nutrients in? Or is it because it is like a reward at the end?

Photo by: Rebecca Weaver (cc)
Photo by: Rebecca Weaver (cc)

Apparently it is none of these. Dessert used to be a delicacy only the rich could afford. Therefore by them having it it showed off their wealth. The word also derives from the French word “desservir” which means “to clear the table.” Dessert is also to keep the palate sweetly refreshed.

Now that we got that covered. Let’s talk about the different types of dessert. The first type of desserts came when sugar was invented in the middle ages. Ice cream was dated back to 3000BC and is the first “dessert” as we know it today. There was rhubarb, marshmallows, licorice, pie, pudding, custard. In order we have apple pie, gingerbread, pralines, éclairs, cupcakes, and lemon meringue pie.

Dessert has definitely evolved over the years. Now there are thousands of different desserts all slightly different depending on where you go. You could have a vegan or gluten free dessert. There is something for everyone. All over the world you will find things different depending on the culture. Some more sweet or more bitter. Some are hard or fluffy. Some are dark or light. Some could rip your arties open while others can improve your health.

photo by: Ania (cc)
photo by: Ania (cc)

Like I said at the beginning I love dessert. I always try and make room for some when I am at a restaurant and I always love it when my mom or dad brings me home some. Its a little treat at the end of my day and no matter the reason for it being last, I like that it is at the end of my meal. Sometimes it’s good to wait.



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