Remember When?

“I don’t want to just remember the major events I’ve had with you, birthdays, last days of schools… I want to remember when we walked to Starbucks, when you gulp really loudly, or even smaller things of life”

My best friend wrote me some meaningful notes for my birthday and this sentence was really eye opening.

When I reflect on to what I did and what happened the past year, I just remember the major moments. I remember Christmas, birthdays, AP testing, finals, vacation, summer, all those moments that are worth some kind of acknowledgement or suitable for taking photos to remember. They are what seem to make the year the great way it is.

But in reality, those little moments that I take for granted are the ones that make my year so great. The major events only occur a handful of times each year, but the small ones are so common that they’re overlooked. In reality, they are what this year is about. They fill in the days that aren’t occupied by the major events.

Photo ©2009 by paperladyinvites [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Photo ©2009 by paperladyinvites [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
I love photos because it’s my glimpse into the past. I can flashback to that moment, just for a little bit, and relive the emotions I was feeling at the time. The happy feelings come flooding back as I unconsciously smile and think of the joy I had.

I want to remember the times where I laughed until my stomach hurt and noise no longer came out of my mouth. I want to remember how we accidently matched. I want to remember how I spent hours talking to my best friend about nothing. Those times where we talk about everything happening in life and happier.

Now-a-days, life is so fast paced that these precious moments are lost in all the schoolwork and studying. College is coming quick and everything is just passing by so fast. Priorities are becoming mixed up.  Sleep gives way to homework. Hanging out gives way to studying. Family time is replaced with study sessions.

Sometimes, it is just best to slow down and take your time. Enjoy each day, because as Eleanor Roosevelt says,

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”



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