The Journey to Coffee


The one thing that gets me through the week.

I wake up every morning and am a zombie until I go down stairs and get my coffee. I am still a zombie afterwards but I am less of one.

I used to hate coffee so much. The smell, the taste. Someone once spilled it on my binder and I had to spray it with perfume to mask the scent. I also couldn’t walk into Starbucks with out getting grossed out. I had tried coffee black and with sugar and couldn’t picture myself swallowing this everyday.

photo by: jef2k85 (cc)
photo by: jef2k85 (cc)

It wasn’t until 10th grade that I started to drink coffee. It was the first time I actually needed it. I would have my dad go to Starbucks and get me an ice coffee with milk. This however was just on special cases when I stayed up extra late the night before. I enjoyed the taste and was glad to be a part of this “club”.

When Junior year came along my parents got me a Keurig since I would need one in college anyways. I drink hot coffee with milk in my own mug. I drink coffee everyday now, except on weekends and Mondays.  The once hated thing has now become a necessity.

photo by: PJ (cc)
photo by: PJ (cc)

While I am still not 100% after drinking it. The coffee does help and I feel its lasting effects. For one, I have to go to bathroom a ton and am not struggling to keep my eyelids open, I can function. It has become so much of a habit that recently I went on trip, not having the opportunity to get coffee, and I honestly don’t know how I made it through the day.

This really shows change and growth. I don’t think freshman year me would have ever thought that by junior year I would be this dependent on something I once detested.

This goes to show that tastes change. What you may love one second you could hate the next or vice versa. I am at the stage of my life were I am figuring myself out and growing as a person. I think it is really amazing to see how my tastes in food and drinks have changed in just a few years. Even with other stuff too.

You never know what could be around the corner. If you don’t like something come back and try it again in a few years. Don’t turn it down completely. You might end up loving it.



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