How to go into a Food Coma

Have you ever eaten so much that you could barely move? To the point where you’re just attempting to swallow one last bite and instead just have it stuck in your mouth for a couple minutes? Your stomach is just about to burst because you were greedy and ordered too much. But your pride doesn’t allow you to admit that you couldn’t do it.

Story of my night. I went out to have dinner with my cousins last night and when we arrived at this tiny sushi place, it was packed. It had just opened up 30 minutes prior. It was actually quite a small place with only a bar that seated about 10 people and some tables and booths that would seat about 15-20.

We were borderline hangry. Hungry and Angry. They had given away our table because my cousin and I had arrived 5 minutes late. And hungry because we all hadn’t eaten all day. So as we waited, we enviously looked at the other customers enjoying their sushi.

Our eyes might have been bigger than our stomachs. The first order, we ordered at least 8 dishes, only to be told that the restaurant ran out of three of them. Disappointed, we relented to just those orders. 5 minutes later, we called the waitress over to order more; she informed us that we had already ordered a lot. We just ignored her remark and continued to order.

As the orders started slowly filing in, we ate like ravenous animals. But the orders kept coming in. We were starting to get full. It was as if it was an endless buffet line of sushi, order after order after order. Just when we thought the madness was over 2 rolls arrived at our cluttered table of empty dishes.

The one roll that we had to take to go
Hawaiian Roll: Spicy Tuna Roll covered with albacore. The one roll we couldn’t finish

Between the 3 of us, we managed to finish one roll, but the other was left untouched. In the end, our endless buffet line amounted to over $100. Between 3 people. Yikes. 2 adults and me. In my defense, I eat more than it seems. I ate just about the same size portion as my cousins.

Miraculously, despite over ordering, we managed to finish most of the sushi.

The best part: it was free. Well, one of my cousins paid for the bill, so technically, not free. But still, if you’re not paying, the food just always seems to taste just a bit better. Is it just me?

Afterwards, my cousins and I hobbled out of the restaurant, down the small set of stairs and headed off to our respective homes to sleep off our food coma.

As for the leftover roll, I brought it home, and ate it this morning. Although never as good as in the restaurant, it was still good.

Lesson of the night: Please do not order on an empty stomach. Nothing good comes from that.



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