Writing Style Analysis

Before this year in school I had never really thought about my writing. I hadn’t thought about how words should go next to each other or how, depending on the word, the entire sentence could be changed. While I understood that my writing wasn’t the best in the class, it had never truly bothered me.

Now, as I spend time analysing writing pieces in my class, I can feel myself noticing more and more about my writing style.  In class we are told to look at the rhetorical devices. Ethos, pathos, and logos are what we begin focusing on.

I find ethos the easiest. It is simple to find the areas in the essay where the author gives themselves credibility. This part in their writing makes it so that the reader actually listens to all that they have to say.

Secondly, I find logos. By studying how the essay is arranged, I infer certain things about the piece. The focus is clearly a certain example if the author spends an excessive amount of time on one idea.

I lastly find pathos. For me, pathos is the hardest to find because I have to study the diction of the author to understand what they value.  What emotions do they appeal to? How to they appeal to these emotions?

I am under no impression that I am the best writer or analyst. I’m not even close to being mediocre in those subjects. But, I like to think that I am improving. With each essay I write and each essay I read, my writing skills are improving and that is all I can as for.



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