Creepy Critters

WARNING: If you don’t like bugs, don’t click on this blog post aka rant/ talk about why I hate bugs.

My bug experience this week has been traumatizing. I have had encounters with fruit flies, moths, mosquitoes and bees. All from the haven that is my desk. I normally wear headphones while I do homework because listening to music focuses me. Weird I know, so I’ve been told. Classical music doesn’t work because I tend to start feeling sleepy.

Photo ©2013 by  Rochelle Lockridge [CC BY-NC 2.0]
Photo ©2013 by
Rochelle Lockridge [CC BY-NC 2.0] I can’t even stand to look at pictures of actual bugs, so he’s a cute animated one 🙂
Anyways, I’m focused on doing homework, when suddenly, a little thing whizzes in front of my face. I try and ignore it in hopes that it was just a figment of my imagination, but again, it continues to circle around my head as if I’m the Sun and it is one of the planets in orbit. Attempts to try and kill it fail because the darn fruit fly is just too small and fast.

Then comes the moth. I have seen moths ranged from a tiny little one that keeps flying towards my table lamp to laaaaarge ones that scare me half to death with its size. It’s not my week at all. I cannot even explain my hate for moths. They flock to light, so those late nights I’m up studying and doing homework, I get plenty. But because it’s so late at night, I have slow reaction skills and stare at it hoping it’ll disappear into a black hole so I don’t have to attempt to kill it with my hands. But when I do, it leaves this glittery powder.

Then, I get these pesky blood sucking mosquitoes. They are GIGANTIC. I blame the fruit trees my aunt is planting for the massive amounts of bugs. Not what I expect while I’m doing homework and just big enough to freak me out and make me run away from my desk and rip my headphones out of my computer. Then I grab a paper and roll it up to try and kill it because I don’t dare kill it with my bare hands. That is until it decides to fly up to the ceiling and suddenly disappear out of sight. Not what I want because it can easily appear sometime while I’m sleeping and that’s even freakier. Just the other day, I found 3 dead mosquitoes in an empty box in my room.

It has been a traumatizing experience with bugs. But, they’re apparently not going anywhere because I just spotted a fruit fly. Dang it! They better not be infesting my gummy worms. Until next week… (if I don’t get bitten to death before then)

– Horrified Mary


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