The Five Course Day

photo by: Sara Gray (cc)

The five course day. You wake up and jump out of bed and hurry down stairs to fix yourself a fresh pot of coffee to wake you so you can have energy for the day. Then you make scrambled eggs and biscuits with fruit and yogurt on the side, one of the breakfasts you rotate with. You make your way into your patio to take in the fresh morning air, hearing the birds singing in the distance. You reach for  the morning paper and sit in the silence.

photo by: bour3 (cc)
photo by: bour3 (cc)

After you take your last bit and finish that last sentence you go inside and get ready for a long day at work. After you have worked for hours and a pit in your stomach forms and sweat beads down your neck you go grab lunch. It is a turkey and swiss sandwich with lemonade to wash it down. You can’t help but add crackers and water melon and grapes. This time you enjoy a nice conversation with someone else.

photo by: Elisabetta (cc)
photo by: Elisabetta (cc)

Once you have taken an extra long time for your lunch break you head back to work in the hot afternoon sun. After a while you head inside to have tea and appetizers. A friend of yours comes by to chat as you eat. This is a nice time for you to enjoy a snack while talking about current events. But sadly you have to get back to work so you say goodbye.

photo by: David Pursehouse (cc)
photo by: David Pursehouse (cc)

Now you finish up with your last chores before it is time for dinner. Your family slowly trickles in home and you head to the kitchen to begin preparing the meal. You set the table and get everyone’s drinks, either milk or water. Everyone washes their hands and you put the hot plates on the table for people to enjoy. Tonights meal is steak with mashed potatoes and salad to start things off. You talk about your day and enjoy the time together.

photo by: Tom Moertel (cc)
photo by: Tom Moertel (cc)

Then when the meal is finished you all help by either clearing the table or washing the dishes. You all go on a walk to enjoy the evening air and burnoff the meal. Once done you head into the family room to either play games or read. Everyone then is eager to have dessert which is apple pie and ice cream. Finally after that is all over you head upstairs to go to bed and call it a day. Waiting for tomorrow to come when you can do it all over again.


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