The resting face

Photo ©2007 by Buster Benson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Photo ©2007 by Buster Benson (CC BY-SA 2.0)

You know that face that you revert back to whenever you stop thinking about your expression? It might not even reflect what you are feeling, but you just relax your face and that’s what you look like.

Personally, I struggle with the “I am so done with you right now please get out of my sight” face. I can be completely enthusiastic about a topic inside, but on the outside it looks like I never want to see you again. My friends, or really anyone I have talked to, know that this isn’t true. They know that I would never say that to anyone and that, while I am really sarcastic, I don’t mean any of it.

My resting face isn’t welcoming. It isn’t inviting. It’s just there.

My sister, however, struggles with the scary face. Her mouth turns ever-so-slightly downwards to show anger. Her eyes relax so that they aren’t fully open. The eyebrows are set down and look close to a frown. This is the face that people see when they look at her. I hear people say that she scared them the first time they met her, and I totally agree. If I didn’t know her beforehand I wouldn’t even dare get close to her.

My sister’s resting face doesn’t mean it, but lets people think that she doesn’t want them near her.

My friend has the opposite problem. She has the nice resting face. A resting face that tells people she is there to listen to their problems. And, while she is a nice girl, she gets fed up with all the people letting themselves out to her. In a room, she seems to be the one people are drawn to. She isn’t antisocial or anything, but she does want sometimes for people to leave her alone.

I find resting faces to be fascinating. It’s your default expression, so it must say something about your character. It must know something about us that we don’t know. I just wish it would let me know the secrets it’s carrying inside.


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