Talk to Me

Let’s talk about cats, baklava, Pinterest, 8-notes, Wikipedia, World War 2, the florescent color of a yellow highlighter. 

Let’s talk about the sound of the ocean waves, beating its tide against eroded jetty rocks.

Let’s talk about city lights, how they twinkle at night and glow upon a mass of sleeping people.


Let’s talk about the way your voice dips and rises in conversation, or the way your eyes twinkle when I say something and you laugh…

Or how about the smoothness of piano keys?

L1050167Or the rigidness of school books?

Have you ever noticed the darkness in the world, the peace and serenity, before the sun comes up?  Or the combined resting of it when the sun sets?


Let’s talk about anything. Just talk to me.

Talk to me, because in a world dominated by 140 character limits and text messages, I can’t seem to hold a genuine, non-superficial conversation with anyone. I can’t fall in love with the depths, and the wonder of a conversation anymore. I can’t grip at the words racing through my mind, I can’t grip at those words to grasp and understand what is being said.

I want you to talk to me.  Actually talk to me.  No ranting, no hashtags, no “same” nor “bros” or “dude” or “you feel me.”

I feel as though the value of words and speech have been defaced in our times. Now a days, conciseness, brevity, and clearness, are preferred over long paragraphs of glorious description. Charles Dickens was paid by the word, and now for me, I’m paid by how short I can get my words.

I still love long sentences, twisting paragraphs. I love impassioned speeches and soliloquies.

I love that we, humans, have verbal power. But today, look how far we’ve come. Look at how far we’ve grown from ginormous novels and tales of fantastical creatures. Understand that we’ve moved from the age of Hemingway, and Orwell, Steinbeck, and Austin.

Is having the ability to combine words and thoughts into beautiful text even an appreciated skill anymore?

I haven’t been captivated by words, or books in a long time.

Sometimes, I only come across the raw personality of someone at 3 AM in the morning, when it’s not covered by a teenage facade. It’s a cliche statement to say that 3 AM conversations are the best.

But it’s true.

Haven’t you noticed that at 3 AM, the conversations become lengthy, and random, and maybe even deep? Haven’t you realized that at 3 AM, you’re trying to stifle the laughter you’re bubbling through your pillow? At 3 AM, we can talk about anything. Anything is possible.

Talk to me, because I want to probe your mind with intellectual conversation. I want to tiptoe across the thin line of spirited debate.

I want to talk to someone. I want to have a real conversation.

Enlighten me with eloquent words, witty comebacks, and laughter.

Excite me with conversation.



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