The Big Bad Future

Photo by: Steven S. (cc)
Photo by: Steven S. (cc)

The dreaded junior year has come. It is more than half way over and soon I will have to start applying for colleges. I am growing up but I don’t want to. I am driving, will have to get a job soon, and am getting closer and closer to being on my own.

As a little kid playing with bartz with my firends I couldn’t wait to grow up. Being seven in Vegas I was planning to what it would be like in 14 years when I come back and could actually enjoy Vegas is now less than five years away. Being 12 and planning on what I was going to do and where I would go is now becoming reality.

Photo by: Lim Chye peng (cc)
Photo by: Lim Chye peng (cc)

I no longer have hours of free time to go outside and play. Now I have people asking me every five minutes what I want to do for my life. There are telling me how I need to start preparing, but I don’t want to start preparing for the rest of my life. I want to live my life now.

I don’t want to worry about college or how I am going to live on my own. I want to worry about what I am doing tomorrow. I have spent my entire life planning. Planning what classes I was going to take in high school, planning my birthdays, planning where I would go on vacation. I am tired of planning and I just want to play most things by year.065

I have seen that plans change and that you change. Things you never thought you would like or do you end up liking and do. It is okay to not to have everything planned out. It is okay to spontaneously drive to Long Beach and not know if your favorite band is even there still. It is okay not to know what you are doing on the weekend and it is okay not knowing exactly what your life will look like.

High School is almost over. The dreaded year wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t need to constantly worry about the future and let my life now pass me by.


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