The Seven Wonders of Water

photo by: Raul Pacheco-Vega (cc)
photo by: Raul Pacheco-Vega (cc)

I have a small obsession with water. I find myself lucky that it is something I need to survive. It is actually quite weird how this thing made up of three elements can determine whether you live another day.

I think my obsession first started when I was in second grade and almost had to get my blood drawn because they thought I was dehydrated. Long story short I avoided getting my blood taken and have since been afraid of becoming dehydrated again.

Then as I got older I learned more about the wonders of water. Lets just start with the fact that it is one of the four elements of the world (water, fire, earth, and air). Being a girl into anything magical I loved mermaids as a kid and their power with water.

photo by:Luz Adriana Villa (cc)
photo by:Luz Adriana Villa (cc)

Swimming or taking a shower is the best feeling, to be fully submerged in water or have it fall down on you is completely refreshing and makes you feel new.

To think about the science behind this. Water can turn into ice or be evaporated into the sky. I love the water cycle. To think that rain comes down, can then freeze overnight and then evaporate in the morning is incredible. In retrospect we should never run out.

738But yet we are in a drought and I find that completely devastating. To think that one day we may have to completely limit our uses of water is just plain sad. I should be able to pour water over my head and slide down a slim-n-slide and not feel bad about the environment, which I would since I am pro-water.

I think most people are pro-water but think about those in countries that don’t get fancy filtered water. They drink it from a dirty infested river and most of the time survive. If I did that I would surely die, but they have built an immune system and therefore can always get one of the things humans need to survive.

338Water luckily for most comes directly to our house and usually that water is good enough to drink. We also get it in bottle and jug forms to help convenience us even more. Most no longer need wells and have enjoyed indoor plumbing quite nicely.

Oceans. Seas. Lakes. Ponds. Rivers. Streams. These are all bodies of water that have been shaped by water. Overtime, as many probably know, water can wear down at the earth (i.e. the Grand Canyon). Water is powerful and a force to be reckoned with (i.e. hurricanes).  100_7296

Water. I could go on forever about this thing. I have since abandoned milk and most other drinks for this pure substance. Some say that you need to drink eight cups a day but I say drink as much as you can, its the thing keeping you alive.



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