How to go into a Food Coma

Have you ever eaten so much that you could barely move? To the point where you’re just attempting to swallow one last bite and instead just have it stuck in your mouth for a couple minutes? Your stomach is just about to burst because you were greedy and ordered too much. But your pride doesn’t allow you to admit that you couldn’t do it.

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There doesn’t have to be 27 dresses

As a little girl I always dreamt of the day that I would get married. I still do. Going to all of my cousins weddings and see this perfect day that all your friends and family can come together and witness just how much you love a person is magical.

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The Five Course Day

photo by: Sara Gray (cc)

The five course day. You wake up and jump out of bed and hurry down stairs to fix yourself a fresh pot of coffee to wake you so you can have energy for the day. Then you make scrambled eggs and biscuits with fruit and yogurt on the side, one of the breakfasts you rotate with. You make your way into your patio to take in the fresh morning air, hearing the birds singing in the distance. You reach for  the morning paper and sit in the silence. Continue reading The Five Course Day

Jigsaw Pieces of My Life

I sat here for the last hour attempting to write a decent blog post, and I have nothing. My half attempts at writing have been utter fails and my inspiration meter is running low. I want to talk about a lot of little things, but it doesn’t fall under one topics.  Dogs. School. Failure. My head is jumbled with a bunch of small topics that don’t amount to anything. So this week, I have a bit of a mosh pit.  Continue reading Jigsaw Pieces of My Life