Tone is everything

Tone is everything. Whether it is in writing or it is in speaking. The way something is said says a lot more about the person who said it than the person it was said about.5202118261_4bfa5f550e_o

Learning about argument writing in class has taught me a lot about point of view. Even when giving an informed article about something, it is impossible to keep bias completely out of it. The author will always been leaning towards a certain subject or side of an argument. This opinion can be blatent in the article or it can be inconspicuous.

In an New York Times editorial article, A Gun on Every Corner, written by Gail Collins, the author’s opinion is not difficult to find. By looking at Collins’s choice of words and organization it is easy to figure out. Collins uses sarcasm as a way to let her audience know that she does not support loose gun regulation. She mocks the Coryn bill as something that will only bring destruction and uses the slippery slope idea to show that. While some of the logic is flawed, the point of view is easy to find.

However, it is not always the content of the message that the person is delivering, so much as the context. Depending on the time that a certain thing was said or written can change the significance of the tone. If an article written mocking the king of France in 1780, it would have been considered treasonous. The tone of progressivism would have lead the person to being treated as a traitor. However, if the exact same article was written in 1790, it would have been taken as patriotic. The person would have been revered instead of attacked; appreciated instead of ignored.

Learning about tone in writing has taught me to better understand what people mean when they speak. The great thing about speaking is that it is most commonly the most raw you will hear a person. Get someone talking, and they rarely think about what they say before they say it. Writing can be so fraudulent at times, hiding the true meaning. By learning about arguments and tone, defense mechanisms, like humor and insults, are easier to understand. The overall meaning of something becomes much more clear when it isn’t as hidden.


One thought on “Tone is everything”

  1. Yes, tone is everything. Makes the difference between your message getting through of dropping like a dud. Tone and timing, really.


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