More in Common Than Two O’s

Both food and books have two o’s but is there more in common than just what is on the surface?

Food and books can be a lot of things to people and here are some of the types of classifications we come across while categorizing our eating and reading habits.  

Photo by: Gabriel Li (cc)
Photo by: Gabriel Li (cc)

Guilty Pleasures, we all have those foods that we know we shouldn’t eat but we love to anyway. They are the “fatty foods” and the food we will “regret later”. This is the same for books, these are the books everyone tells us is bad but we don’t listen and read anyways. They don’t enrich our minds and usually leave us the same coming out as we did going in.

Photo by: chichacha (cc)
Photo by: chichacha (cc)

Addictions, they are mostly portrayed as something bad but can be for good things. With food its the ones you can’t put down, “always has his hand in a bag”. We always need to get more of just like with books. If I really like a book I will take it everywhere with me, reading it when I probably shouldn’t. You know if it is truly an addiction if you can’t do your normal tasks. You have to get up and get it before you do homework, you are reading it during class and during friend time.

Photo by: Sam Petar (cc)
Photo by: Sam Petar (cc)

Necessities, the things you need in life. Theses are the foods you have to eat to keep your body going, the nutritious ones. These are always more satisfying to the body since they give you your fuel for the day. There are also books like these too, the ones you have to read for English. They stimulate your mind, keep up your vocab, and overall improve your literary skills. They could be things you enjoy to eat or read but most likely you feel forced into eating/reading them and therefore that makes you dislike them.

There are so many different types of food and books out there with different origins and in different parts of the world. How you view them and how they affect you is different for everyone. The food and books you eat and read will end up making who you are.



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