Something else that gives me happiness

I’m sure that many of you already know, but I have a fevered obsession with Taylor Swift.

But I’m not going to write another 2,000 words on Taylor.

Taylor Swift, BRIT Awards Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Today, I’m going to write about music.

There are infinite ways to describe music. For some, music is an art-form. For others, music is a way to express themselves. Music can generate laughter, happiness. It can stimulate emotion. Music is the universal language. It appears in our lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Music isn’t just limited to lyrical masterpieces of scales of notes on a page, music can be any sound.

Music can be someone’s laughter, as it gently floats across the rooms and bubbles into your eyes.


Music can be the rhythmic beat of a writer, hashing away at his keyboard as he stems his thoughts onto a page. Music can be the look in someone’s eyes, as they glow and flicker up and down like the syncopation of sounds in jazz music.

Music is everything.

I grew up loving music. My Mom sung in her free time in Vietnam. As a little girl, my Mom, sister, and I sung Barney songs, Disney classics, and rhymes as we fell asleep. I began to play the piano just when I turned 5 years old. (I’ve been playing for 11 years now) I used to watch Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Marc Antony, and Shakira concerts on DVD’s with my Mom. When I was 5 years old, I went to my first Celine Dion concert. When I was 8 years old, I knew all of the Hannah Montana songs by heart. And all throughout my life, I’ve been playing the piano, almost religously, along with immersing myself music.


I guess I would say I have a cliche, and narrow music-mindset. I have a very distinct taste for music. And, I don’t like to categorize what I listen to as just pop, but I like to call it, music.

And no, my genre isn’t just Taylor Swift.

I love all music. Any song that comes on the radio, any song from a musical, a composition from a movie, classical pieces, romantic ballads, and impressionist etudes, I love them all. I love percussion sounds that reverberate from a marimba, and the vibrations that come from the timpani drums.

I sing every hour, of every day, of every class. And I have a terrible voice. All of my friends are sick of hearing my cacophonous vocal chords strain to hit every note in “Let it Go.”

I just love music so much. Music plucks an inner string inside of me, one that can only be caressed and tugged to swirl the deepest feelings of happiness. I love how the beats match up with the pumping of my own heart. It’s as though the music is seeping into my bloodstream. I love how music can express all feelings, all life experiences, everything.

Music is for everyone.

It’s an experience I cannot put to words. You can’t be vivacious and just listen to someone talk about music. You have to experience it for yourself.

Lately, I’ve been on YouTube searching up more than just fan-made Taylor Swift videos. I’ve made playlists of relaxing Disney piano music, of covers of songs, of cinematic themes.

I don’t hate any type of music.

I might not particularly like a certain band, but I will sing along to their songs because it’s so purely fun and it brings me happiness to do anything musical.

I don’t like One Direction, and I don’t like 5 Seconds of Summer. Yet, you can find a dozen videos of me jamming my head along to “Heartache on the Big Screen” at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball last year.

Epic night at Jingle Ball
Epic night at Jingle Ball

And you’re probably thinking, “Kristie, this is a food and writing blog, why are you including music?”

Music inspired me to write today, because it helped me write yesterday. And, both music and food give me the same emotion: happiness.

If I listen to music, I am happy, just like I am with food.

Here’s some songs that you guys should definitely check out on YouTube.



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