The importance of money

Everything is measured by price. Sure there are phrases like “this is priceless” and “I got two for the price of one,” but did you ever notice that even then we are comparing things to prices? It is like money is the only way to measure something.


Even saying that something is priceless is giving it a price, just not a specific one. Who says something is sad-less? People measure things by the price. Do I want to do something? Nah, it’s too expensive. Even looking at people walking down the street, the first thing you notice is their appearance. While it may change depending on the area, most people will look to see if your clothes look nice. If they recognize a brand, that can be good or bad, depends on the brand. But is clothing and prices really all that matter in the world? I shop at target and I am proud to say that. I like to save my money for what actually matter.

In high school, I hear a lot of students complain that they are broke. They spent all of their allowance on a shopping spree or out with friends. Personally, my parents never gave me an allowance. They think it promots bad habits. And, as I’m earning my money through working, I am learning so much more than I would have if it had just been given to me.

I have learned about saving. I look at something and think if it is worth my money and if I will get back what I put into it. I don’t want to spend my money at a cheap store for clothes that won’t even last me a month. I prefer to save up that money for the future.

Going back to my original topic about everything being measured in prices, I prefer to measure them in experience. Yes, I will pay money to get a certain thing, but I want to be able to say that I came out even or better after the exchange. Buying something as simple as a chocolate bar can give me that. It’s similar to measuring foods in “happy calories.” If you end happy with your decision in the long run, then it was well worth the price you paid, whether that is in calories or in dollars.

My goal for my saved money is for when I live on my own. Right now I live with my parents, so I don’t have to worry about things. Theoretically, I could spend as much money as I want to and not worry about the consequences. But in the long run will those things pay off according to the experience I earned?

I would prefer to save my money now for when I truly need it. If I am limited in what I can do, I do not want the reason to be money. For when that opportunity comes to my doorstep, I never want to hear the words “oh, it’s too expensive” come out of my mouth.



One thought on “The importance of money”

  1. If there’s one thing I can impart on you, it’s to never… EVER… live beyond your means. Set aside 20% of your take-home pay and don’t spend it. Assume it’s not yours. When you get a raise, recalculate the new 20% number. Do this until retirement. This one simple thing will set you for LIFE.


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