Creamy Cravings

This week has been irritatingly hot in Southern California. I know, I know, SoCal is supposed to have really good weather. Our definition of “hot” would most definitely not match up to other places around the world. You can say that those in SoCal are spoiled with our weather. At a toasty 85 degrees Fahrenheit, we consider it pretty warm. Mid February and it’s 85 F? No thanks.

I’m a big fan of winter, so I was hoping the chillier weather would stick around more because that means the snow will stick around in California for longer. So, I wasn’t overjoyed when I looked at the weather and saw the upcoming weather for the week. I had to switch my sweatshirts and sweaters for cardigans and t-shirts.

But since it stuck around for a couple days this week, I used it as an excuse to consume an unusual amount of ice cream. Ice cream on a hotter day just makes sense for me. First of all, it gives me an excuse to eat as much ice cream as I want, because I claim that it is to cool me down. Secondly, it does cool me down. I tend to stick my head in the freezer door for as long as I can before my mom notices and scolds me to close the door. Häagen-Dazs, Dreyers, Ben & Jerrys.

Photo ©2004 by yuank [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Photo ©2004 by yuank [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
As you can tell from this post and my previous, I have a sweet tooth. For chocolate, sugar, ice cream, candy, anything with sugar. So Wednesday afternoon, I come home and immediately grab an Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar from the freezer on the way in and start on breaking the chocolate and almond exterior of the bar. Pieces of it litter the stairway as I crack the exterior and I continue to devour it until only the smooth, white interior remains. Then within 3 minutes, all I’m left with is the wooden stick and the desire for another one.

Photo ©2010 by perry_marco [CC BY 2.0]
Photo ©2010 by perry_marco [CC BY 2.0]
When I desire something more, I reach for a tub of ice cream, usually a small tub of Ben & Jerrys, not the large 1.5 quarts of ice cream. Grabbing a metal spoon from the haphazardly organized drawer, I ran up the stairs, rip the lid off and devour spoon fulls of the deliciously cold ice cream.

This is my way of coping with the sudden heat wave. Ice cream for heat. At this rate, I may start to wish for warmer days. Ice cream every day doesn’t sound so bad.




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