Writing is Identical to Designing

So far 2015 has been a busy yearand it’s going to get even busier. Not only with school but also with my extracurriculars. Especially with Venturing Scouts. One of the biggest events for my crew this March would be our 10 year anniversary. Of course, there are also plenty of preparations that need to be met and done. The preparation I’m in charge of is designing two “nia,” in English, a large bamboo tray.

Now what does this have to do with food? Nothing. But it has everything to do with English, specifically writing. There are 5 connections.



Photo ©2008 by Steve Koukoulas[CC-by-2.0]

  1. Guidelines

For every type of essay we wrote in class so far, there were guidelines on how we should write each one. For example essay, provide different examples for one central ideas. For analysis essay, break down a topic into smaller parts and analyze each part, seeing how they’re all connect together. For definition, use different methods to define a word. And just like writing, I was given guidelines on how the nia needed to be design.

The guidelines for the nia is as follow:

  • use official Venture colors: burgundy and dark forest green
  • have the phrases “Thanh Doan Bach Viet” and “Crew 105” and “11th-College” for the first one and “Thanh Doan Lac Viet” and “Crew 105” and 10th-11th grade” for the second one

These guidelines could definitely be bent or twisted, as long as they still encompass the idea. They are only guidelines that help start the thinking process, they are not rules that must be strictly followed.

  1. Brainstorming!

Next is brainstorming, coming up with ideas that could possibly work or not work. In writing, brainstorming and be seen in an outline or a zero-draft. Random bits of ideas jotted down on a piece of paper. When I was brainstorming for the nia, I played around with the idea and doodled what I thought it would looked like. After much thinking and paper, I finally came up with the idea of day and night activities Venturing scouts do. In the end, one of the nias would be campfire and tent while the other would so a hiking trail in the mountains.

  1. Drafting/Sketching

After brainstorming comes drafting. This means typing up the essay that may be filled with grammatical errors and awkward transition. But this is no problem in the drafting stage since it will all be fix later. For my drafting stage, I sketch out the design of the nia. I also decided to digitalize the design to add color using CorelDraw. This will be the basis of my design, and is put up for future changes.

  1. Revising/Proofreading

And because the draft is filled with errors, there needs to be revising and proofreading. In English class, we do this through peer revision. This is when everyone gets their essay read out loud and is provided with constructive advice. Once my design for the nia was done, I sent them to the person that overlooked the assignment and asked about his opinion about what we thought should be change or replaced.

  1. Finalize

Lastly, it’s writing the final draft. Taking all the advice that was given to us, we go and finalize our essay, making sure that all the transition is smooth, the structure is good, and that there is no grammatical error. The nia’s final stage is being painted and glue onto the nia. And finally, the process is complete.

These 5 connections prove that designing is very similar to writing, almost identical.



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