Writing With A Purpose

Purpose. Meaning. These are the things that we all hope to strive for. What is the reason for me doing this?

I think as writers we have to ask ourselves that. How are we bettering the world, a community, a single person? Do we write just to write, for no real purpose, is it just something we do without even thinking? Do we do it for ourselves, wanting some satisfying end result? Do we do it for others, having the main sole purpose that we better them somehow?

Over the last few weeks I feel like the things I have been writing and putting out into the world aren’t helping anyone, it isn’t like I purposefully tried to make content that stands still, it just happens. And it happens to all of us. I like the work I have been making and have always put effort into everything, but the topics weren’t complex. They were flat and only appealed to a small, if any, amounts of people. They weren’t on my topics such as inspiration or impactful art (on my personal blog). I mean these were on topics that people everywhere could relate to. Everyone writes.

cropped-14537639759_11d37aa9e2_o.jpgOur name of this blog is where’s the food? But really, where is the food? Almost all of our blog posts aren’t even on food, but of writing/books or something else. Now do I think that this a terrible thing? No, but it is most definitely misleading. I think as we decided to create this blog we had the idea of talking about food, but then our English class started to influence a lot of our writings and it kind of just went from there. We do try to relate it to food, and sometimes it works and sometimes it is unnatural.

I mean, both my group and I love food, but is it realistic? Are we reaching more people with what we are creating now? I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but I want to have someone read something of mine and instantly want to press the like button. I don’t need thousands of likes, just one or two, so I know that what I created not only had purpose to me but to someone else too.

474 (2)Purpose and meaning is the battle every person goes through, how can I make this relatable? How can I change someone’s outlook on something? How can I make a difference? I guess you have to ask yourselves first would you read this, and then second would you like it?

Never stop from trying to create something that you and others can be proud of, because there is nothing better than knowing that your work matters.



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