How to make a Dream Team

What’s a dream team? Can dream teams even exist?Yes, they can.

My music dream team would have Taylor Swift

 Ed Sheeran

and Lorde.

Just imagine the lyrical brilliance and vocal quality of a song with this trio. Taylor, Ed, and Lorde are all young artists with a passion for meaningful songwriting. (Unlike most pop music these days) And all three, love to sing to appeal to the emotions. Not to mention, they all love cats.

A Pretty Little Liars dream team? Spencer


and Hanna.

It seems like only these 3 can handle going on a mission to defeat A without getting emotionally wrecked, sidetracked, or hurt. And plus, Spencer and Caleb do amazing investigating together. Spencer is the brains, Caleb is the hacking genius, and Hanna is on the field.

My literature dream team would consist of Hermione, Tris, and Katniss.


Let’s take all the female heroines and smash them into a book shall we? Hermione has the brains, the sass, and the ability to logically plan a task. Tris can be an amazing spy. She has the uncanny trait to lie, and live a facade that covers her true identity. And Katniss, though love-confused and war torn, she is strong. No matter what situation she is in, she’ll subject to following the underdogs.

You see, a dream team consists of people who have a common goal, work well together, are on the same skill level, and same personalities.

Remember group projects in middle school? Maybe you were the one who always had to carry your team to get an A.

A dream team shouldn’t be like that.

In a dream team, everyone should play an equal role in keeping and executing the team’s best interests at heart.

And a dream team doesn’t have to consist of best friends either. in my Pretty Little Liars dream team, Spencer and Caleb, probably the team’s most valuable assets, aren’t even in a romantic relationship. When working with friends, conflicts of interests tend to break the team apart and ruin the whole goal.

It’s not easy to yell at a friend who’s not doing their work. But it sure is much easier to yell at an acquaintance, or stranger.

Whenever Spencer and Toby work together, Spencer’s morals always come into conflict with Toby’s. In the most recent episode, the pair almost broke up because of a decision to keep or dispose of a murder weapon.

Another factor is skill level. You can’t have one person who is the absolute brightest and the best. Naturally, they’ll dominate the team, and it won’t even be a team anymore. It will fall into a dictatorship, where 1 person is calling the shots and everyone follows.

My publishing house team is my dream team. We’re all friends, and though some of us aren’t the closest with each other, we’ve made it work. We all play an equal role in running this blog, writing our essays, promoting, and creating content.

We have a common goal. We want to make the best book ever.

We have common interests. 100% of us love food.  We’re the biggest foodies ever.

And we each have our own, unique skills that blend together to fill in the components of a team. Stacie is a great manager, Jennifer is amazing at art, Mary can really publicize, and Leah is a tech genius.

This is why our teacher, Mr. Ziebarth, had us pick our best traits and form teams based on them.

The essays are being finalized this semester, and very soon, we will move on to revising, finalizing, and creating our book.

See you next week!



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