The Great Gatsby Review

The Great Gatsby.

I have now seen the movie, 2013 version, and read the book. I can now safely say that they were both genius. Fitzgerald and Luhrmann both are true artists and masters at their craft.

I saw the movie first and that was the distinct moment I decided I wanted to make movies like that, or at least something along those lines. It was like nothing I had seen before, with a narrator and the bright colors. It was beautiful to watch, the actors hitting every single line with emotion and the way the story flowed made it effortless.

About a year later I read the book and I again fell in love with the story that captivated me before. The book was very similar to the movie, but obviously with small changes. Reading it taught me so much about writing. I had never thought to have a character take on two different personas, Nick the writer, in the future reflecting back on the things he witnessed or Nick the character, experiencing everything for the first time. This was a brilliant technique that most writers don’t use, but made The Great Gatsby the classic that it is to day.

I love Gatsby, I love him for his love of Daisy. In chapter seven Gatsby waits outside of Daisy’s house just to make sure she is okay. Something terrible just happened, he doesn’t know where they stand, but his care for her hasn’t altered. His entire life after he lost Daisy has been centered around getting her back, recapturing that love that they once had. This was his one true purpose in life.

“How long are you going to wait?”

“All night if necessary.”

The Great Gatsby will always have a special place in my heart, it taught me so much about cinematography and writing. There is a lot to this book, so many layers to uncover, so much symbolism. But my teacher said that there is so much that can be revealed by just what it says and to focus on that, which is what I did. It seemed to work, because I got to love that book while analyzing it.



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