Taylor’s Top 10 Moments of 2014

When I look back on 2014, all I can think of is Taylor Swift.

Literally, all Taylor Swift.

No, it’s not the fact that I live and breathe Ms. Swift and her feline godliness, but 2014 was the year of Taylor Swift.

It’s like the media grew up and so did her so-called “haters” and everyone realized that she did not victimize her ex-lovers in her lyrics, nor does she chronicle her terrible love life in them as well.

Why am I writing about Taylor Swift in a blog about my book? Shouldn’t that be on, perhaps my personal blog?

You see, Taylor inspires me to write. Her songs are quoted in my essays, her music harmonizes itself into my words and their themes are alluded to in my writing.

We brainstormed our “Top 10” 2014 lists because my English teacher wanted us to explore more topics in our themes that were central in our book.

So without further ado, here are Taylor’s Top 10 Moments of 2014.

10. Cutting her hair

The first day I knew that a new Taylor was breaking out of its shell was when she chopped off her famously golden locks. I always thought she would never cut her hair. Taylor’s hair always signifies a new stage in her life. The straight, almost lifeless hair signified the heartbreak and tragedy in Red. The curly, springy, blonde hair resembled the fairytales and love of Speak Now and Fearless.  Her edgy and sassy shoulder length bob signifies the powerful woman she became with 1989.

9. Moving to New York

As Taylor moved to New York, she became an individual, newfound, urbane New Yorker. Everyday, her candids anticipate her own New York fashion week. There’s a romantic and glamorous life of New Yorkans, and Taylor embodies that so well with her Tribeca apartment and fashion.

8. All Too Well at the Grammy’s

Taylor has always treated her fans so well. (This will be a recurring theme in 2014) So when we all requested for “All Too Well” to be performed at the Grammy’s, she delivered.

All Too Well is my favorite Taylor Swift song, perhaps of all time. (I have 5 in my top songs list) It’s so raw, and real. And not to mention, I think the best line Taylor has ever written is

“You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest. I’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying her, because I remember it all too well.”

I cried the first time I heard that song, and I sobbed when I heard it in concert.  At the Grammy’s, she delivered hair flipping, emotional, and powerful lyrics that echoed across the whole theatre.

7. Blank Space

“Blank Space” basically slapped down every bad Taylor Swift joke that’s ever existed on this planet. It exceeded all expectations anyone ever had for Taylor. And it’s so clever in a way because it’s a song about a media-cized Taylor, the one that everyone thought she was.

The funny thing is, Taylor is not the person she is in Blank Space. It took the whole world 5 years to realize that. She didn’t write Blank Space about a boy that broke her heart. She wrote about the media that broke her heart.

And not to mention, the model in her music video, Sean O’ Pry, is perhaps the best model she’s ever cast in her music videos.

6. Sassy Slaylor

I love Sassy Slaylor most.  She sassed the media politely, and dare-I-say smartly with this amazing tweet.

And just look at her interviews

Sassy Taylor did exist before 2014, I assure you. But she put the sassiness on full display this year and it’s just worrying me a little bit because it borderlines my level of sass.

5. Tumblr

Taylor joining Tumblr gave me life. She sparked a conversation with her fans and interacted in a way with us that used to be only possible in our dreams. She follows people on Tumblr, she likes their posts, she replies to comments… It’s like Taylor became one with her fans. She’s now familiar to the internet memes and gifs that were made about her.

Her “No it’s Becky” shirt practically broke the internet.

And she totally nails the hashtags and the selfies on Tumblr.

4. Swiftmas

Taylor gave Swifties a very special gift this Christmas. She gave us the gift of hope, of believing, of Christmas. As I mentioned in the earlier number, on Tumblr, Taylor interacted with Swifties in a newfound fashion.

As she followed us on Tumblr, she began “Taylurking,” where she stalked our interests, work, life, school, hopes, and dreams. And she wrapped individual presents and cards for a few lucky fans. And somehow, with her magical Swift powers, she sent her fans those presents and gave them the best gift they could possibly imagine.

What kind of celebrity takes time to wrap presents for 30 fans? 30, personalized presents? Somehow, Taylor knows our sizes and what kind of lipstick would work best on our faces. Somehow, she knew that the necklace she gave a fan would give that fan happiness when she feels it around her neck on a bad day.

And these presents are so beautifully and artfully wrapped.

Taylor was Santa Claus this season.

3. Secret Sessions

Taylor invited 89 fans to each of her homes in the United States and to her hotel room in London to listen to 1989 before it came out. She also baked them cookies, took polaroid pictures, and had personal talks and meetings with them along the way.

She did all of this a month before 1989 came out.

She handpicked fans from social media and entrusted them with her new album.

This was when all the fans had was “Shake it Off” and we had to pretend like it was the best song on the album.

She personally invited people into her home, I mean who does that anymore?

2. Happiness

Taylor and Happiness became an official couple this year. I ship Taylor with happiness more than anything. She’s finally found happiness in herself, her friends, her life, and her friends. I’m so happy that Taylor is finally happy. She’s happy because she’s realized she didn’t constantly need this “romantic” type of love in her life. She only needed to live and be happy.

“From the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love…”

She’s always smiling when she’s in public. She’s always laughing and having the time of her life on stage. She’s always smiling with her friends and her friends.

She’s so happy.

She has this glow on her face that I don’t ever want to replace.

1. 1989

1989 has been, by far, my favorite Taylor Swift album. I’ve always liked pop music, always. It’s always been my favorite type of music. As a fan of Taylor, I’ve always been afraid that once she went pop, she would go towards the route of “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and songs of the like. I was terrified. But she kept her emotions, her lessons, and her stories within her lyrics. And she does it so well. I’m so proud of her for releasing such a beautiful and powerful album. Usually, Taylor does meaningful lyrics well more than anything. But with 1989, the sound is phenomenal. (Fun fact, for her song, Wildest Dreams, she actually used her heartbeat as some of the acoustic sounds in the background) 1989 is hailed by critics and is currently the #1 album in the United States for more than 10 weeks in a row. It seems like everyone is listening to 1989.

These are Taylor’s Top 10’s of 2014.

And when someone bet me that I couldn’t write more than 1,000 words about Taylor Swift I laughed.

And when given any, any sort of opportunity to write about the pop queen, I will.

-Kristie (Swift)


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