Top of Twenty Fourteen

In class this week we did our “top ten of twenty fourteen” and I didn’t quite know what this entailed. Did the stuff have to come out in 2014? I hoped not, since my top ten of tens was over in 2012 but just begun for me in 2014. I decided to maybe bend the rules and pick the TV show One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill (2003 to 2012) One Tree Hill

This show, a supposed teen drama, has a lot of literary elements in it, making it so much more.

At the end of many episodes, in the beginning seasons, it quotes many authors, including: Nathanael Hawthorne, E.E. Cummings, John Steinbeck, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Stephen King, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. But some of the best quotes they say on the show are their own.

There have been countless quotes that fans, including myself, live by. They tell us about life, love, heartbreak, evil, good, and how to be a fighter. The characters are relatable and as my friend says, “You could totally rhetorically analyze Dan Scott [a character]”. The show is very complex and with the course of nine seasons it changes a lot too. The roots are still there, but the tree has taken a new shape.

It is amazing how every quote used matches perfectly with the images on the screen. It tells the story on an entirely different level.

Another huge part of the show is music, especially their CODAs or their closing song. This again helps complete the story heightening the cinematic element. Every song is carefully chosen to fit each and every CODA or every scene for that matter. Whether they try to match the lyrics or the tune of the song each song adds just like the quote and images on the screen to make a perfect closer for almost every episode.

I have mentioned briefly the characters and how relatable they are and now I want to mention how complexly written almost every character is. So many fans have fallen in love with these characters, aspiring to be like them. And other characters the fans so desperately love to hate or hate to love. That is how deep the characters are and how well the actors portray them. I sometimes look at the real actors and think of their characters since I know a part of their character is in every one of them.

Now that I have mentioned just a few of the great things about the show One Tree Hill I will leave you with a place to read all the quotes of One Tree Hill. Thank you for taking the time to read about one of my top ten from 2014 and I hope you give the show a chance or the quotes a look.



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