My 2014

My 2014 was full of memories. Many unforgettable, but many I would rather forget. But all the good moments are what make my 2014 special.

I went on my first airplane ride this summer, I visited another country, and I spent time with friends. I just had so many memories to cherish.

Sudden rain even though it was blistering just 5 minutes before.

My first airplane ride was exciting because I had never been out of California, nevertheless, the country. My destination: Cancun, Mexico. During my 9 day stay, I visited Chitchen Itza, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It was amazing to see it in person instead of in pictures. Another ruins I visited was Tulum. It is are situated next to the Caribbean Sea and was initially a major port for the Mayans. Pictures really don’t do the places justice. It may seem like some old rotten building, but the history behind it is fascinating. The way the Mayans built these captivating landmarks without all the technological advances we have is just amazing.

Missing the beaches of Cancun…

Another part of Cancun that is memorable to me was the beaches. The pale, white sand and clear as glass water amazed me because it was so different from my local beach, where the sands consist of more than just sand. Cancun’s sand was so white and soft beneath my feet. I had never felt sand that soft. As I dug my feet into the warm sand, I admired the clear skies and waters around me. The water was also remarkably clear. I’m sure it’s not the clearest of waters, but still it was clear enough that I could see my feet through it. This photo represents all those elements, but it doesn’t remotely come close to how it looked in real life, but it was the best I could do.

Another one of my favorite places of 2014 was the beach. Yes, the beach again, but this doesn’t refer to the beach in Cancun. No, this refers to my local beach. Truthfully, it  isn’t the prettiest or cleanest of beaches, but I still love it. I love the memories I made there. I spent only a couple days of the summer at my local beach, but they were unforgettable memories with friends.

On top of Big Bear Mountain! (where I happen to have really good cell phone signal)

I also created some great memories with my family. Namely, at Big Bear Mountain during winter break. My cousins informed me that they would be making a trip to snowboard this season, so I excitingly woke up at 5 AM and made the drive the Big Bear Mountain. At 8 AM, we arrived and I saw my first glimpse of snow in over a year. I was overwhelmingly excited to be back to snow and more importantly, snowboarding. I’m not good, so I fall often, but that’s okay. Nothing beats the rush when I ride down snow covered trails dotted with amateurs falling to near professionals showing off. That is until I fall and land on the concrete like snow and lay in agony for a couple minutes before getting up and repeating the process. By far the most painful memory, but I guess I have to deal with it until I can actually snowboard well.

Although I’m ready for 2015, these are the moments that I will keep near to my heart and relive through photos. I could just go on and on about memories, but I’ll leave it here!




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