Finding time to enjoy a good book

Have you ever found that sometimes, you just can’t find the time to do the things you really enjoy doing? That there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do?

I find that very often. And, when I am setting up my day, the thing that I tend to sacrifice the most often is reading.

When I was younger, I read all the time. Anything worked for me. I would read posters, I would read bilboards, I was not picky. When I started going to the library at my school, I found that I could not leave. During lunch or after school, that is where I would go. The librarians would start to notice me and call me by name. Sometimes, they were my only friends… besides the books of course.

The characters in the books were my way of escaping from reality. I never felt less alone than when I was reading the newest Percy Jackson novel or flipping through Harry Potter. While I didn’t have many friends at my school, I was never lonely. Katniss protected me from the bullies. Violet Eden gave me advice. Leo Valdez made me laugh. It was my own little world.

I started high school and my reading thrived even more. I learned that I could order whatever books I wanted from the library and they would get them for me… for free! Freshman year, I would read a book a week. I would go to Barnes and Noble and look at the books, take a picture of the cover, and ask the library to get it for me.

Sophomore year, I kept up the same love of reading, but it was not as strong. It took me about two or three weeks to get through a novel. I still went to the library though, though not as frequently.

Now it is junior year and I have been stuck on the same book for a month. Yes, I am almost done, but a MONTH! I haven’t taken that long to read a book since I first learned and I have to say each word aloud as I went.

At first, I kept making excuses. I didn’t want to accept that I had become too busy for reading. I thought that I was abandoning my friends. The friends who helped me no matter what.

But, now that I have been making more time for my reading, I am slowly learning that they will never leave me. The second I open up Inkheart, Basta will come out and try to slice off my head. Mr. Putter and Tabby will still be sitting under the tree even after all the years.

I makes me sad when I hear people say that they don’t like reading. All I can think is that I feel sorry for them. While I may not be the most popular person, I am never alone. These people who say that they don’t read have missed out on an entire world. Worlds.  I feel like I have traveled the world even though I have only physically left the U.S. three times.

And while I might sometimes feel alone, I know that I will be all ears for Hank the Cowdog to show me the way. I hope I never to lose this love of reading because I believe it is the best trait someone can have.


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