How to Find Inspiration


How do you find it?

3073398628_105f32d028_oThis is the question I along many others finding themselves asking. Some may say that it just comes to you and when it does use it right away. Others say that you need to go somewhere to find it. Be in a certain place, around certain people. And I think that is all wrong.

To find inspiration all you need is to look deep inside of you.

This in a sense all stems from the ideas above. The only difference is that the ones above have something trigger that thing inside of you instead of you triggering it yourself. Sometimes we know that place that instantly inspires us, nature, a coffee shop, your friends. But if you know what those places or people then you don’t need to go there. In fact you shouldn’t. Especially if you are writing.

The whole purpose of writing is to make people feel like they are there. But how can you do that if you can’t even convince yourself. If you are there and you write about it, that is easy. You will most likely forget about certain details the audience won’t know but you do since you are there. If you are at home and have to convince yourself that you are in New York City then you can convince anyone.

This being said you have to have actually have been there or know some parts of it before you can start convincing yourself. Also on the topic of actually experiencing this stuff. That is what writing is and exactly why you only have to look inside of you to find it. Look inside of yourself, what are you thinking, what are you feeling? Write that. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look inside of you, remember some quote, video, idea, place, person or thing that gives you inspiration. In fact I say grab onto that.

The people that say they have no inspiration, can’t write at all, not just plain writers block on a certain topic, but nothing at all that makes them want to get up and create. The ones that have no idea are the ones I am concerned with. Have you really made all that you can give? Is there nothing inside of you at all that can be used for a greater purpose?

I don’t think so. I think that we are all capable of finding inspiration inside of us. We are all capable of using more than ten percent of our brains to come up with something that is worth passing down. We have all experienced enough of life to make a statement. If you can’t find inspiration sit. Sit in your own silence for a while and think. Whatever comes to your mind write about it. If it is just you getting mad that you have no ideas to write about, create something and see where that takes you.

The hardest thing is getting that first sentence on the page. One sentence after that, if you keep on going, then you have something. Even if it is only two sentences. You have created something that just one day might be something.

– Stacie


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