Baker’s Royale

I wanted to write this post about one of my favorite blogs, Baker’s Royale. 

Now, Naomi from Baker’s Royale is just amazing. I love the concept of her blog. She remixes recipes that she finds online, through food magazines, and even ones that are sent in by her readers.

I just love the thought of connecting with your audience and creating a bigger product that you couldn’t have done alone. Also, I believe that in the food blogging world today, we’re really just taking each other’s ideas and making them our own.

it’s all about connection.

This book is basically connecting. We’re collaborating and taking each other’s work and redefining it to create a better product. We’re making connections online, to people we love to read about to hopefully get other feedback on our work.

I want to focus on the integral parts of Baker’s Royale.

My favorite part of Baker’s Royale are the pictures.

Image by Baker’s Royale
Image by Baker’s Royale
Image by Baker’s Royale

I can only hope to take pictures that are near the perfection of these someday.

Those pictures are probably the most eye catching part about her blog. The pictures are big, bold, extremely unconventional. They can be dark, bright, taken with weird props.

And what I love is that her pictures are BIG. Her ginormous pictures take up the majority of her blog posts.

Big pictures = Big memories

The human brain is wired to remember as little text as possible and as many pictures as possible.

I also love her blog design.

Bakers Royale - Google Chrome_2014-12-18_16-18-18

It’s simple. Simple is better. I hate blogs that are too busy and too cluttered to the eye. What I love is that she makes the most out of the white space that she has. Also, I love that the fonts are clear cut that the color scheme is a simple black and white.

Sometimes, a minimalist and monochromatic design is truly the best.

Bakers Royale » Kahlua Hot Chocolate Marshmallows - Google Chrome_2014-12-18_16-23-05

Even the way she displays her recipes is great. My biggest pet peeve is most likely huge chunks of texts across a screen. When I’m reading anything through a screen, I’m most likely in a rush, or not in the mood to sit down and actually read the words. Thus, I hate going through food blogs and seeing huge chunks of text because it’s not appealing to the eye, and it gives off the message that the recipe is complicated.

I really want to create our book like the way Naomi’s blog is laid out. I want crisp and clean pages. On those pages, I want beautiful pictures and a lot of text, of course. But in between those lines of text, I want to see pictures and I want the text split up.

I love white space as much as I love Taylor Swift’s song Blank Space. And I hope that in the future, we will take advantage of all the white space and simplicity that we have.


“Simpler, is better” – Gary Metzger

Happy holidays everyone!


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