A Rainy Week

“There is a silver lining to every rainy cloud.” – Mr. Ziebarth

This week was the most rainy of all my weeks thus far.

5 hours of sleep proceeded every 6 hour school day , and 3 hour rehearsals followed that. 

All of my peers were sick, and it was like I couldn’t avoid the little cold virus that was making its rounds around campus.

I heard this quote from my teacher, Mr. Ziebarth, this morning while I was contemplating on what to write for my blog post this week. I knew somehow I would have to relate it back to writing, and English.

So this magical quote jumped right in front of me, and I literally screamed.

This week was a rainy cloud. Literally, a rainy cloud. Almost every day, I was tired and stressed to the brink of tears. A grey, slightly black shadow covered the bottom of my eyes.  Tests piled and piled right before me.

Monday was presumably the worst. Teachers yelled at me, I was struggling to stay awake, and everyone was getting sick. I slept 2 hours past my alarm and woke up an hour late to rehearsal. I ended up having a boatload of homework to finish before I fell into bed at 2:00 A.M.

Photo by Petite Details via Flickr
Photo by Petite Details via Flickr

I was a cranky student with a nasty attitude.

I got sick on Thursday and my day consisted of sneezing, tissues, a runny nose, and people not-so-subtly moving their seat away from mine.

But it’s Friday today.


It’s finally the weekend and Christmas break is only a week away.

IMG_6793Today is the finale of my show, and Southern California was blessed with a little rain to quench its parched drought.

Photo by Yen H. Nguyen on Flickr
Photo by Yen H. Nguyen on Flickr

A silver lining is subtle, unnoticeable, a secret weapon that is bound to make anyone’s day 10 times more positive.

These are examples of my rainy cloud of a week.

We’re writing example essays in English right now. Example essays are exactly what their name says they are: Example essays.

Of course, I’m writing an example essay about baking. An example essay, though, should not be a narrative. And I know I’ve addressed this multiple times on this blog, but I always struggle with adding too much story telling to my essay.

The key to an example essay is to go from a big idea, and give smaller examples of a bigger idea.

My big idea this week is that

“Pain is temporary, but G.P.A. is forever.”

I guess that motto mandated a hell week for me.

But hey, it’s another week over with.

Happy holidays!



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