Deleted Scenes

Every show has them, the scenes that don’t make the cut. They are 4487159833_d221968df1_osometimes too long, irrelevant or don’t turn out as well. Some are actually good but there isn’t enough room, the show wouldn’t necessarily be worse or better with or without them. But they could add a lot, going in-depth on certain parts or a

dding dynamic. Try looking sometime at your favorite show or movie and see how many deleted scenes there actually are. This may surprise you.

Just like it may surprise you just how many deleted scenes there are in writing. And not just deleted scenes but entire episodes missing. They get taken out; the writer has decided that they are inadequate. They could possibly have been decent but not to the full caliber of the writers standards. The writer could have decided that the execution or wording was wrong. The passage was unneeded to make their point. Something better fit or for some reason, it just got deleted.

I don’t know if you have ever seen a writers paper all marked up. But it looks like a mess. Something only understood by the writer. They cross out this, reword that, and add notes. The deleted scenes are in the making. They condense a project, trying to perfect it.

This dawned on me the other day when doing a revision for English, like it always does. I thought back to all of the revisions I was reading from their first draft to last and noticed all the things they had cut out. All the information I was gaining had been wiped away in a second. Every other reader wouldn’t know what I know, all the background details, and stories that without me even realizing it, added to the effect of their essay. By knowing all this information, my group was able to help her get to the root of her essay, what she wanted to convey and help her achieve that.

That is what deleted scenes add to anything, they help someone get more evidence for a specific topic. It adds to their understanding, helps distinguish the needed from the unneeded. Although we might love to see deleted scenes, they aren’t meant to be seen. Others instead see the, trying to perfect them with the information gained, they sift through the unneeded and send out the final cut project.

Deleted scenes are in every work of art, they are the rough drafts that lead to the master piece.



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