The Easter Explosion

Have you ever noticed that almost every single baking decoration is a pastel color. Not just any pastel color; the same five colors. A pink that is supposed to pass for red.  A creme that shines as bright as a sun on a very, very cloudy day. Greens and blues that blend together because they are both a turquoise color.

Overall, cookie decorating always looks like Easter came early and exploded all over my kitchen.

I have attempted to put enough food dye into something to make it a stronger color, but one of two things happen: it stays the same color, but wetter, or it becomes a grey sludge that looks like a black and white movie gone bad.

Adding and adding food coloring can only get you so far. Eventually, the icing or fondant is too saturated to hold more liquid, so it just stays on the outside. This makes it almost impossible to use for two reasons:

1. The icing or fondant won’t dry or harder, making the masterpiece stay together,

2. I cannot set the liquid or fondant anywhere because it will stain whatever surface I set it on, because the liquid is too much.

To some people, this may seem like such a useless problem. Why should someone care if their color isn’t a neon color? Pastel always looks nice anyways, so why should I care?

I shouldn’t care. In the big scheme of things, it shouldn’t matter if I make a pale pink or a hot pink. Nobody will notice, except me.

And I guess that’s what it all boils down to. I will notice and that is enough to make me want to change. It is enough to make me realize the fault in my ways. I will keep trying. I know that the solution won’t be easy to find or it might not even exist, but I’m going to try.

Because in the end, that’s all we can do, right?



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