The Right Way to Procrastinate

A human looking up at a giraffe is me looking up to essentially everyone around me.  Everyone is overwhelmingly tall, and then there is me.

If you know me, you would know I’m quite short. I stand at 4 feet 11 ¾ inches (although my doctor is now telling me that I’m only at ½ inches. So it is a very sad day, I lost ¼ an inch. My height must be why I’m perceived as younger than I am.

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How to Find Inspiration


How do you find it?

3073398628_105f32d028_oThis is the question I along many others finding themselves asking. Some may say that it just comes to you and when it does use it right away. Others say that you need to go somewhere to find it. Be in a certain place, around certain people. And I think that is all wrong.

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Deleted Scenes

Every show has them, the scenes that don’t make the cut. They are 4487159833_d221968df1_osometimes too long, irrelevant or don’t turn out as well. Some are actually good but there isn’t enough room, the show wouldn’t necessarily be worse or better with or without them. But they could add a lot, going in-depth on certain parts or a

dding dynamic. Try looking sometime at your favorite show or movie and see how many deleted scenes there actually are. This may surprise you.

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