That Light In the Darkness

Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit
Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit

In the essay, The Importance of Music in My Life it touches on how music is important to her, letting her write about her day, give her energy, and keep memories alive. For me, it does most of the same things. Music is that little light in the darkness around the world. It allows me to express my emotions through rhyme and rhythm.  Every beat is different and every line has a different meaning. People interpret a song in so many different ways, a happy song could bring someone to tears because it reminds them of a time long gone and a sad song can make someone happy because it reminds them of a special moment. They choose how much they want that light to shine.

Music brings people together. Everyone is attracted to light, it fascinates people. Music lets people to share their feelings; it creates an understanding between them. For those three minutes everyone is on the same page, focusing on the same things. They are all lost in that moment. Music allows you to get lost and found. You can get lost in the lyrics of a song, allowing it to consume you and pour into your soul. Or you can find yourself through the lyrics, revealing this part of you that would’ve been lost without it.

Photo by: Rudolf Vlček
Photo by: Rudolf Vlček

Light can shine in the tiniest parts of your life. There are many songs that bring back memories of being in eighth grade at science camp with all my friends singing we are young and Viva la Vida as loud as our voices will go, for everyone to hear. Or being in the van with all of my church friends singing old Hannah Montana songs or High School Musical songs while making up our own dance moves. Music also makes me want to dance, almost any song with a good beat can get me dancing in my seat and clapping my hands. I may look weird and stand out, but as the music community does, I am expressing myself and letting it radiate out from me.

To see the essay of what inspired this post or another perspective on music:



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