Read to Read

Who reads anymore? Like sit down in a comfortable chair or on the bed, crack open a physical book, and read for hours because you got so absorbed in the story and lost track of time. I sure don’t. But I wish I did.

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That Light In the Darkness

Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit
Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit

In the essay, The Importance of Music in My Life it touches on how music is important to her, letting her write about her day, give her energy, and keep memories alive. For me, it does most of the same things. Music is that little light in the darkness around the world. It allows me to express my emotions through rhyme and rhythm. Continue reading That Light In the Darkness

That One Recipe

Photo by: Jessamyn

We all have those recipes that we always lean back on. They are simple yet still intriguing. It may be your favorite food, someone else’s, your favorite thing to make, or the only thing you know how to make. Whichever one it is, we all have that recipe that is worn and bent. It has been pulled out of the cube board too many to count and has stains from all the food that has been spilled on it. You know it by heart, it is an instinct that you don’t even realize you have. Continue reading That One Recipe