My first two creations for Where’s the Food?


Since our blog is mainly about food, I wanted to design a photo that would showcase the different types of food we may possibly cover. For this design, I picked nine of Kristie’s photos. Although Kristie main medium is baking, I did not want to only pick pictures of baked sweets. Instead, I chose pictures of a variety of foods, such as drinks, sweets, and main meals. I also arranged the picture based on the colors, spreading the pictures out so there is a balance and avoiding placing all the darker colored pictures on one side and the lighter colored ones on the other. Because we all love food, I decided to add quote at the bottom right of the picture to spice it up.

wtf eye chart

For my second design, I got inspiration from your usual eye chart you see when you visit the optometrist. I just thought it would be cool and interesting to re-create the eye chart using our book title and names. This picture was a little harder to design then the first because I had to get the spacing between each letter equal. If I made one slight change, the whole structure would be mess up and I would have to fix it. I also had to make sure there was space on the side to add the numbers. Still, the final product turned out pretty well and I’m satisfied with it.

Designing these two pictures consisted of many trial and error. The program I usually use to design is InDesign but when my computer was attacked by viruses, I lost the program. So, I had to use the resources I had on hand. The first program I used was paint but I soon found out that it took a long time to use, crop, and move the picture. I knew paint wouldn’t work so I decided to find a different program. I searched online for various design programs I could use but couldn’t find a good one. After thinking for awhile, I realized that IĀ could design on Word Document and then just crop it to a picture using paint. Word worked amazingly and it didn’t use complicated procedures. In the end, I was able to create two design within less than 45 minutes. Through trial and error, I found na alternate I could use until I could install InDesign again.

Keep an eye out for my next designs.



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