The Creator

Hi guys! I’m Jennifer.

My role for this project is art and design. It is my job to to create pictures and logos for our project. When Mr. Ziebarth told the class to pick a logo that corresponded with what we were best at, I knew I had to pick the red one for art/design. I love working with art and designing posters, pictures, and logos.

I have plenty of experience in this area. Last year, I worked as a designer for the Baron Banner newspapers and magazines. The program I used to design was InDesign.

Here is the fashion page I designed for the Red magazine for the February 2014 issue.

fashion page red mag

Being in Baron Banner and learning how to design was a great experience. Before Baron Banner, my main medium was using construction paper and cutting out shapes and letters to form the design. I had no idea that I could use a program to create the same exact thing but on a computer. But after Baron Banner, this changed. I now know the basics of InDesign and how I can crop pictures to certain shapes I want. Baron Banner has inspire me to continue to design with both construction paper and computer programs.


Also, for Kristie’s surprise party I also designed the layout of her poster. I cut out the letters of “Happy Sweet 16” with colored construction paper and made the Harry Potter. Mary and Katrina helped me cut off the outline of Hogwarts at the bottom of the poster from a Styrofoam board and clue on all the items. Although the design seems simple, I thought the poster still came out great.

To me design is …

Photo © 2011 by Barron Webster [CC BY 2.O]
Photo © 2011 by Barron Webster [CC BY 2.O]
I hope you look forward to more of my designs.



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