Twittering, Facebooking, Instagramming

Hello there readers, I’m Mary!

I will be mainly handling social media for Where’s the Food?, which is where I’ll be documenting the progress of our book. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ wheresthefoodfv

When figuring out roles for our publishing house, I knew I had to do something involving technology. I love to sit down and explore new programs for hours, so of course technology or social media was the best choice for me.

Originally, they were separate roles, but they have now meshed together. I am fixing any technological issues and aspects of the blog, while also co-running the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Photo ©2011 by Kate Ter Haar [CC BY 2.0]
I love technology, really, who doesn’t? I spend way too much time using my phone, browsing the Internet for no reason, or watching Youtube. Technology is kind of my thing.

My interest in everything technological started with a dreaded computers elective class in middle school. But what inspired me the most has been my cousins. Even when my mom adamantly refused to let me have a phone, they got me the next best thing, an iPod touch. Every piece of technology I have had is because of them. My iPod touch, my tablet, my iPhone, my laptop. Without them, my interests wouldn’t have grown. They happily fueled my growing interest and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

It’s also amazing to see normal people on Youtube inspiring millions around the world with their videos. They range from musicians to vloggers to gamers. I may not personally know them, yet somehow I feel as if I do. Their impact is staggering, and they do it from the comfort of their homes. This is all because of the power of social media. I can’t wait to share our progress and book with all of you through it.

I hope you’ll follow our blog and see you soon!


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