My Tech-y Self

leahWhile our main goal is to publish a book, “Where’s the Food”, at the end of this project, during it we are keeping social media and this blog updated with our progress.  My role is to make sure that all of the tech aspects of our project are working properly and that the word is being spread about our project and our cause.

By helping maintain our blog, twitter account, instagram, and facebook page, I am helping keep our project running. While the project roles began as separate entities, the tech and social media positions have begun to meld together.

I started up the “Where’s the Food” twitter and have been trying to keep it update dwith all of the new blog posts that we are completing. I have been finishing up and cleaning up the “Where’s the Food” instagram. I also have been working on retrieving followers for those accounts.

While I did not immediately imagine myself with the role of technology coordinator, I have found myself enjoying it. I love promoting my project as it gives me a sense of pride in my work. I hope that by spreading the ideas of my group, more people will become interested in our topic of recipes from around the world.



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