The Picture Taker and Writer

Hello world and future readers of Where’s the Food?

I’m Kristie.

Some of you may know me from my blog, Between the Cake Layers.

Between the Cake Layers  A baker with a big heart for Harry Potter and ears for_2014-10-04_18-03-42

But I’m here on this blog to take you all on a journey, a culinary journey, to be exact. I’m taking you on a tasty adventure through stunning pictures, tantalizing words, and even video.

You see, writing and photography are my forte. (And cooking and baking, of course)

I’m known for stunning photographs of the creations I make. IMG_4240IMG_1418

And I’m an editor in my school’s newspaper. It’s almost second nature for me to take photographs and pictures.


Which is why, the Documentarian and Editing position was bestowed on me by the other group members of the project. I take photos for my school’s yearbook and newspaper. I’ve been the historian of my club. I take pictures of everything. 

You see, a long time ago, I was told,

“If you don’t have a picture for it, it’s like it never happened.”

This has basically become my life motto.

As for writing?

I’ve always had an affinity for words. As the news editor in my school’s publication, I edit articles that our staff members write.

I basically have a thing for words and pictures.

I check food blogs obsessively. I also check Instagram obsessively, because I follow food photographers.

My favorite blogs include Baker’s Royale, Sweetapolita, and Sally’s Baking Addiction.


Sweetapolita – Whipping up a sweet life - Google Chrome_2014-10-04_18-14-02

I also love the Minimalist Baker, David Leviboitz, and I Am Baker.

These sites all have 2 things in common: Great posts, and stunning pictures. The posts are personalized so I feel like the writer is talking to me, when in reality they’re just talking to everyone who’s reading the blog.

Specifically, my favorite food photographers are @OCMestibles on instagram, and Tue Duong on Flickr.

I take pictures myself, I own a Canon EOS 5D.  (It’s my baby)


I love food, I love taking pictures, and I love writing.

So, come with me as I show you the beauty of food and string together our words about it.

I’m taking you on a visual and lyrical journey.

It’s going to taste good, trust me.


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