A Home For Everything and Everything in it’s Place


As stated in the introduction, we are “Where’s The Food?” and with every good food there is a recipe just like with every good project there is organization. That is exactly what my role is. To keep my group on task and ready to produce work regularly.

I will be using Asana to make things easily accessible and clear so there is no confusion in our group. Asana is also helpful to mark dates on the calendar and create tasks for my group, so they get the job done.

This is perfect since I love to plan things out and make schedules. Arranging things into this perfect order is what keeps me sane. I like things to be structured and when working on a project that can be very chaotic, it is good to have some stability.

I am very honored to have this role since organization is a huge responsibility. Organization is the rock of any group, for if we aren’t organized then we will not know what we need to get done and therefore, get nothing done.

Organization is working with a purpose, which is exactly what I hope we are always doing, working to get the job done in a ordered and fashionable way. My goal is to keep our group as organized as possible, because we are in two different class periods and won’t be working together a lot. If our communication skills and organization isn’t on point our project could crumble. With organization and all the other roles being attended to our project will be very successful.



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