An Introduction

Photo by Wim de Jong, Flickr

It’s probably in our bellies or on the dining table.

But really, where is the food?

Where’s the Food is the title of a book that we are writing.

The title really encompasses what our book will be about. We’re five culinary enthusiasts that came together to write all about food. We’ll be writing about recipes, foods from different cultures, our favorite restaurants in our area, even the best junk food. We’ll have pictures and graphics to accompany our delectable essays.

And who are we?

Well, we are Jennifer, Stacey, Kristie, Leah, and Mary.

We’re 5 juniors who are attacking an English project with a delicious perspective in mind.

Our English teacher, Mr. Ziebarth, had us pick 2 legos from a pile of 5: white for technology, blue for organization, yellow for art, red for words, and black for social media. At first, we didn’t know why we were supposed to pick legos.

Photo by Monohex, Flicr
Photo by Monohex, Flicr

But then, he assigned us an Innovation Project. We were to make a book about anything. The content of the book would be a collection of essays and photographs.

Of course, we weren’t going to do this project alone! The legos symbolized the roles we were to play in the book production! Mr. Ziebarth allowed us to form groups. The only rule was: Each group must have each role covered.

We decided to form a group because we’re friends, but also because we’re absolute foodies who would die to write about fine cuisine and the fare. And lucky for us, each member of our group had a different lego.

As part of our project, we would run social media accounts and blogs to document our progress. On this blog, we will post not only how our book is going, but also inspiration, ideas, and maybe some sneak peaks of our creation!

Please check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional pictures!

We hope to see you all around here very often.

-Jennifer, Stacie, Kristie, Leah, and Mary


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